July 2018 marks our 42nd year of supporting individuals and families across Edinburgh. To celebrate we will be sharing testimonials from our clients throughout the month. Today we are sharing James’s story with you.

My wife and I have been struggling with conception for 10 years now which really takes its toll on my wife on a month by month basis. My wife also suffers from lifelong depression which has been exacerbated by our fertility struggles.

I had been putting so much into supporting her through our tough situation for so long that I never noticed that I was sliding down a slippery slope myself, it’s simply what happens when you care so much and become so focused on the welfare of loved ones. Eventually, I slipped over the edge and became emotionally overloaded to the point that I could no longer think straight in normal situations, total meltdown where I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t function.

My wife had been receiving counselling from PCC(S) to support her through our situation and suggested that I that could see if they had a similar support service for men as there appeared to be nowhere else offering this. Men, I found are forgotten when it comes to emotional support in pregnancy, however, PCC(S) and its counsellors took on the challenge. With their support, I found a way to see clearly again and regain my strength which had slowly been chipped away over the years.

I am now successfully back at work and feel more like myself again, able to support my wife through this emotional rollercoaster. It was a long slow healing process which I would never have managed without PCC(S) and their excellent team. I can’t thank them enough for showing me that asking for help, even for a man, is a sign of strength, not weakness contrary to what current culture would have us believe.

I can’t recommend their services enough in all aspects of conception, pregnancy or fertility… Without their expertise and experience, I hate to think where my mental health would have finally ended up.

Thank you again


PCC(S) provides over 500 hours of counselling each year for issues ranging from infertility to post-natal depression. You can support our service by making a donation through MyDonate.

If you are suffering due to any issue surrounding pregnancy or childbirth you can call our 0131 557 2060 to find out about the support that we offer. Our services are open to anyone.

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