July 2018 marks PCC(S)’s 42nd year supporting women and families across Edinburgh. To celebrate we will be sharing testimonials from our clients throughout the month, starting with Sarah.

“Lifeline (now known as PCC(S)) – the name speaks for itself and it became that to me at a time when I needed it the most. I suffered a miscarriage at 7 weeks and could not comprehend it.

As a professional working mother of 2 in her late 30s I have always considered myself on top of everything and those around that that as usual I’d get over it and carry on as normal. Except I couldn’t carry on as normal as it was nothing but. On the surface, I tried to pretend everything was ok when in fact I was freefalling and no one was there to catch me. I woke up every single day feeling horrendous and did not know what was happening to me or how I would get through each day.

I will never forget picking the phone to Clare the Manager at PCC(S) and in a few minutes her soothing words reassured me that I wasn’t going crazy and more importantly I wasn’t alone. What I was experiencing was pure grief for the baby I would never get to hold and to hear myself acknowledge this for the first time was the first step on the road to acceptance.

My first counselling session allowed me to talk freely without judgement and I felt more understood than I had in months. I am not really sure what would have happened to me without PCC(S). My GP wasn’t grasping how distressed I was and my family could not understand how I could feel so utterly immersed in sadness over something that never physically existed. I did have one session with a general counsellor through my work but it wasn’t helping. I could have been with any problem because until the pain of the miscarriage has been experienced you can’t begin to understand.

That’s the difference. PCC(S) utterly understands and provides genuine support, warmth and reassurance that does sadly, not seem to be available anywhere else. I do feel indebted to it and the service it provides is invaluable and for me, it felt lifesaving.”


PCC(S) provides over 500 hours of counselling each year for issues ranging from infertility to post-natal depression. You can support our service by making a donation through MyDonate.

If you are suffering due to any issue surrounding pregnancy or childbirth you can call our 0131 557 2060 to find out about the support that we offer.

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