We are very lucky to work with a couple of local knitting groups who provide us with baby clothes, blankets and other items that we can pass on to the families we work with. Items like these are particularly appreciated due to the care and attention that goes into them. If you would be interested in knitting for PCC(S) we ask that you use the following ‘common sense’ guidelines.

  • Items are strong enough for normal use
  • Will not break or distort which could cause injury
  • Has no edges, protrusions, cables or fastenings that could cause injury
  • Has no detachable parts which could be swallowed or inhaled
  • No drawstrings
  • No loose buttons
  • Is not made from materials that burn is exposed to a flame or not be readily flammable
  • Is clean and hygienic

If you are interested in knitting for us here are a small selection of free patterns that are suitable for our clients.

AllFreeKnitting.com – There are 40 free knitting patterns available through this site including blankets, hats, cardigans & booties.

LetsKnit.co.uk – this site not only has clothing and blankets but also free patterns for toys as well, which are ideal for children under 2.

LoveKnitting.com – this site has a large collection of free patterns including a whole page of those suitable for babies and young children.

If you have any questions about knitting for PCC(S) feel free to call our office or email us for more information.