This information on this page is specifically for health or social care professionals who wish to make a referral to our service. If you are a current client please contact us directly to make any additional requests. If you are not currently a client but would like practical support from us please speak to your midwife or health visitor and direct them to this page of our website. 

Making a request

We require a referral from a trusted health or social care agency in order to make a practical help referral. This is only necessary for the initial request, after that we encourage parents/carers to contact us directly to request any additional items.

Trusted agencies on our books include NHS workers such as midwives or health visitors, social care professionals such as social workers or local charities. If you are unsure if you role falls under this umbrella please contact the office.

In order to make a referral we ask that workers contact the office directly, either by phone or email:

Phone: 0131 557 2060 (during office hours)


We will require the following information

About you: your name, company and, ideally, 2 methods of contact

About your client: full name (or pseudonym) and contact details, date of birth (or due date) plus gender for any children under 4 years of age.

List of items required eg newborn layette, clothing, cot, high chair etc. Please be aware that we are unable to provide prams or buggies due to health and safety reasons.

It would also be very helpful for us if you would fill out one of our equalities monitoring forms.

Collecting filled requests

We endeavour to fill all requests within 2 weeks however this is not always possible for larger items. We would encourage you to contact every fortnight to follow up on your request’s progress. Clothing requests can usually be filled within 48 hours and we keep emergency newborn layettes in the office that are available on the same day.

When a request is ready we ask that you, or the family, collect within two weeks of contact. Unfortunately, we cannot keep items, particularly large and popular ones such as cots, for more than this period. Our office is very small and in order to get new donations in and keep our waiting lists to a minimum, items that are not collected within a fortnight are reassigned to the next person on the waiting list. This does not mean that your client has missed out, they will remain at the top of the waiting list and you will be contacted when we have the item available again.

The PCC(S) office does not allow drop-ins. If you call either at the start of the week or on the morning that you will be coming in we can let you know an appropriate time. Our counselling service is run from the same office as our practical help service and it can be upsetting for some of our counselling clients, particularly those who have suffered a loss, to be confronted with baby items. We appreciate your understanding.

If you have any questions about our practical help service please contact our office directly.