Counselling Service

Lifeline provides a broad counselling service for adults in Edinburgh and Bathgate. Lifeline is accredited by COSCA as “A Counselling and Counselling Skills Organisation”. COSCA is the professional organization for counselling in Scotland.

Our Counselling Room

What is counselling?

Counselling means having the opportunity to talk to a trained counsellor. That person will help you to talk, in confidence, about your concerns. She will help you to get a clearer view of your situation, to think about your needs and hopes, and, where appropriate, to plan actions for achieving your goals for the future. Sometimes it is enough to get a new perspective on a situation.

At the conclusion of counselling a young woman told us “I feel a different person now and able to cope with my life again. Thank you. You have helped me lift a burden from my shoulders.”

Specialist pregnancy support
Lifeline has a specialist support service for those concerned about pregnancy, infertility, miscarriage or termination. Pregnancy can be both a thrill and a source of anxiety. Many women seek support from Lifeline to cope with the sometimes ambivalent emotions surrounding pregnancy.

Decision Counselling
Decision Counselling is a one-to-one service for women facing choices about the future of a pregnancy. Decision counselling usually involves only one or two sessions and is available within a week of the request being made. Please note Lifeline does not give referrals for terminations.

Referrals & Waiting times
You can contact Lifeline directly for an appointment on 0131 557 2060

Some people are referred to Lifeline by health visitors, GPs, family support workers or friends.

We have a short waiting list, but are usually able to provide a counselling appointment within a couple of weeks.

It costs Lifeline £40 to provide a one-hour counselling session. As a charity we do not charge fees; however we expect clients to make a donation towards this cost according to their means. No one will be turned away because they can’t make a donation. They will still receive the same welcome and quality of service.